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Does anyone use online workouts..


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There are so many free workouts available that it's hard to keep track!


Do you visit the videofitness.com forums? There have been several threads about online workouts, with tons of links, and I know of at least one member named Barb who has compiled lots of great stuff -- I'll see if I can find the link to her blog for you.


Also, Acacia offers free daily workouts, and the workouts are all from their regular workout DVDs. It's a great way to try before you buy!


Here's the link: http://acacialifesty...t-footer/c/344/


EDITED TO ADD: Here are the links to Barb's blog and her YouTube channel:


Blog: http://neverendingplateau.blogspot.com/



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I like to do ones from Sparkpeople.com 1-3 in a row, focusing on different muscle groups, or even just ones that demonstrate how to do a particular exercise properly. There are some shorter pilates, yoga and cardio videos, too. Free! These are good if you can mix and match and don't want a specific "program" to follow.



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Some are free, some have free trial, some are just subscription.


I was looking at daily burn today and I saw physique57 had some things online.


Anyway, did you like anything.



Yes. I have my online avatar do the workout for me. It's great.


(Just teasing- and oh, how I WISH...) Hope you find something.

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