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What is up with Mozilla Firefox

Melinda S in TX

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I don't have the same problem, but last night my Reminder Fox (add-on) completely disappeared. I tried to follow instructions I found online to find it and bring it back up, but none of them made sense so I had to re-install it. I lost all of my reminders and am having to key them in again. I'm quite annoyed because I depend on that program to remind me of everything including to take my meds every day.

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I had something like this going on last week. I think some sort of add on got accidentlly turned on by one of my kids.


If you have the top menu bar set up you can select

Tools -> Add-Ons


Check out what adds you have enabled under Extensions and Plugins. I had a play around with disabling things until I figured out the right one. And you need to manually kill Firefox in the Task Manager to make the changes actually show up I think. Hope that was remotely helpful - LOL!

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