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If you combine MM and MUS, can you tell me how you do it?


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My daughter is in 5th grade and she has been doing exclusively MUS math since the beginning. This year she was struggling with fractions and I took a break and did MM's blue series 1st book of Fractions (1-3 grade) as a review. It helped solidify what she'd learned, but she said she liked the MM but prefers to do the MUS videos to help her understand. I'm afraid though that it's not all sinking in with just MUS. So I thought about incorporating both.


I've heard many do it on here, but am unsure how. How do you do it? What does Math at your house look like when you combine the two programs?



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I've used MUS with other programs in two ways.


The first time I used MUS, it was after my older son hit a wall with Saxon 7/6. He placed into MUS Beta! So we started there and ran through Zeta in the course of 6 months. It really helped solidify his understanding of arithmetic. He went on to be successful with Jacobs Algebra and beyond.


With my younger son, we used Singapore Math primarily. When he didn't understand something presented in the "Singapore way," I'd pull out the MUS blocks (or fraction thingies) and present it the MUS way. I rarely had him watch the videos as it was easier to have the conversation with him myself.

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I am using both MM and MUS for the same reasons you are noticing with your dd. My son needed just alittle more to tweek his math skills.


I will have him watch the video and he either does a MUS worksheet or MM. MM does a good job going from visual to conceptual understanding and has some puzzle stuff that ds likes.


I started fractions recently and I actually started with a living book like Apple Fractions, and then used an apple to illustrate 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and comparing fractions. We are only started Fractions in the last 2 weeks. We use the Blue Series Intro to Fractions but I will incorp. soon the MUS into Fractions 1 MM Book.

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