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hover preview function not working? or just me?


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Until yesterday (Sunday, 2/17/13), the hover "preview" function was working quite well, where I could hover my mouse over the thread title and a preview would pop up of the first several lines of the thread.


This morning (Monday, 2/18/13), when I hover I only get the title & time/date started, which pop up in the little preview box, but instead of the first several lines it is only the title & date again.


Is this a forum-wide problem, or do I need to check things on my end? I'm using Google Chrome, same as always, and to my knowledge none of my computer/browser settings have changed.



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They did an update, evidently, and some things reverted to default. You can click on the little magnifying glass symbol in the center and it will bring up the previews. I don't like it as well myself. If I am going to have to click, might as well click on the thread itself. I figure they will put it back soon.

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