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Logic for first


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Hi I am loking for recommendations for a logic workbook for first grade. My dd(5) has already done lollipop logic and mind benders and found them way too easy so I am looking for something a bit harder that would not be beyond the reach of a 5yo. She is quite advanced in logic and mathematical thinking but on grade level for reading so something more pictorial would be great for her. Basically I would love something exactly like lollipop logic only harder. Does this exist? does anyone have any suggestions for me to try please.

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Look at the other titles from Prufrock-Logic Safari (logic grids) and Ligic Countdown. They also have a series called Connections.

My dd also likes Math Anslogies from Critical Thinking Co. They also have Balance Benders and Balance Math.

We like doing a mixture of books from both companies.

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We also love Critical Thinking Company books, mostly Mathematical reasoning works for us. It's colorful but rather pricey.

I noticed that Lollipop Logic has 3 books for the K-2 age range (at least on Amazon). I recently got the first one for my 5 year old and realized it was going to be too easy.

Another one I found is Stepping Stones: A path to critical thinking by Vera Schneider at christianbook.com. These are HARD-I couldn't even do a couple of them, though if I had the answer book, I'm sure it would have made sense. But definitely most are do-able for a 5 year old.

I also got the Evan Moor Critical and Creative thinking book. These are more creative thinking than problem solving critical thinking in my opinion.

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Good grief! Dumb iPhone! *logic* *analogies*


Tin Man Press has fun logic books. Their stuff is more creative, out of the box type thinking.


We like using a mix of resources for first grade.


We are using Logic Safari (multiple levels)

Math Analogies

Analogies for beginners

Mind Benders


(I think those are the titles I have)

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I think Sylvia did First Time Analogies and Primarily Logic along with a Critical Thinking K-3 book recommended by Sonlight. This year, she was solving Rebecca's LS2 and Logic Liftoff books, so I haven't bought her anything new yet. Grid Perplexors and Perplexors have been hits; and I'm looking at Logic Links for Sylvia for next year.


What levels of Mind Benders has your DD used?

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