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NAC Book 2?


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DS is about 4-5 weeks from finishing NAC book 1 but I'm putting in a RR order for math and AAS and well you know, free shipping an all :)


Is the second NAC book worth using? I figure I have three options once we finish NAC1:


1. Go straight to NAC2.

2. Use the AAS2 dictation as cursive practice (I have the StarWrite software so I can make formal worksheets if needed).

3. Jump right into WWE.


DS is 5.5y. He's advanced in math and is blowing through AAS1 but I guess I have a feeling WWE now would be rushing things and I was planning to wait until this fall (he'll turn 6 this summer). I don't have any burning need for him to be advanced in any more subjects :)


Thanks in advance!

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