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Are Potter's School Foreign Language Teachers Certified?

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I am trying to find an on-line Russian language program for my daughter to use in ninth grade. Looks like Potter's School offers it. Am I correct in thinking that many colleges require foreign languages to be taught by a certified teacher, as opposed to Rosetta Stone or an equivalent? And those of you who have used Potter's School for foreign language, were those classes acceptable to colleges?




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The only criteria I've ever heard was a thread a week or two ago about the Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln. It wasn't their only "non-homeschool friendly" requirement, so they are hardly representative.


Ds had two years of German on his mommy-transcript and none of his schools questioned how we did it..


If you have an idea of where they're interested in going, I'd give the college a call. If they have no idea yet, call your local flagship state school and check out their requirements.

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Many of the schools weren't interested in how the student learned the foreign language, just their proficiency. If the student did not take a college class or an AP exam, they required an placement test. Then again, every school ds was looking at had a foreign language requirement in college, so although they required a certain number of high school FL credits, how you got them was irrelevent. Again, a better gauge of this would be to check with several schools that your child might be interested in.

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