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Could CHOW be stretched over 3 years?


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I'm looking for a 3-year overview of world history. I was thinking CHOW (Children's History of the World) could be our spine -- I seem to like how it reads more so than SOTW. Here's what I'm considering:

  • Divide CHOW into 3 sections: Ancients, Middle Ages, Early Modern/Modern
  • Add in some Encyclopedia reading for more depth (Usborne type)
  • Add in activity guides (ie. Time Traveler's Passport to Middle Ages for that time period, or something like that)
  • Add in some historical fiction read-alouds

I am not looking for a hard-core history study. This will be with two young, elementary-aged children.

Thoughts? Alternative suggestions?

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I have been doing this with my younger dd. We add Our Island Story to it in Year 2 and good supplements as well. I have it set up this way on my blog (A Mind in the Light) if you'd like to see how I split it up. (This would be Years 1-3)


Wow, thanks for pointing out your blog! Can't wait to go and look through all your info!

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SL actually did this with Cores B, C, B+C and W (older kids) so it can totally be done


SL only splits CHOW into two years. The second half of the book seems to move faster than the first--SL core B covers the same time period as SOTW1, while Core C covers 400AD through WWII. You may need to supplement CHOW some more near the end, but I think it'd be totally doable.

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