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Homeschooling a highschooler

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Hello. I am fairly new to the board. Tonight I had a meeting at my religious center about starting a charter school. When I had informed everyone there that I homeschool everyone there insisted that it couldn't be done at the highschool level. I've read the book and have even read other stories about kids being homeschooled all the way and turing out to be very successful. The only problem I see myself running into is teaching chemistry ... maybe physics. The physics I think I can overcome if I do my research well but with chemisrty I fret not having the right resources.


I wanted to see what everyone's opinion here is on the matter. I personaly believe that all human beings can do anything. They just have to set their minds to it.

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Well, I can only say that I homeschooled my two dds through high school. One has graduated, with high honors, from a good private school. The other is attending college, in the honors program.


I know MANY students who have been homeschooled-through-high school and who graduated from excellent schools with terrific grades.


If you want to do this, it can be done. You may need to think outside the box. You may need to outsource some classes.


But it can be done!!





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NONE of us on this board are experts in every field. And many teachers in high schools are not experts either.

Upper level science and upper level math courses are doable. You just have to either a) find a curriculum that is understandable. b) get a tutor c) take classes at a community college or d) take classes at a highschool.


I had a tutor for my daughter in algebra 2 this year and they met at Starbucks. You would not believe how many mothers overheard them and asked if she could work with their kids who were in either public or private high schools. The constant complaint is that their teachers were not explaining it so the kids could understand it.


It sounds huge but it isn't. This board is a huge blessing to many of us and it can be to you too.


Ask and someone on here will try their best to help you out.


Congrats and Good Luck.


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I hope my friend CAMom chimes in on this thread. She has a brilliant high school son who has taken science (among other classes) through The Potters School and it has worked out very well. I don't think she'd mind me sharing this because she has shared it here herself.


To say that "it can't be done" is very limiting and unnecessarily discouraging. Yes, it's hard to imagine one mom teaching all subjects, but we're not limited that way! We can use all sorts of resources, teachers and mentors and advisors. This is a big part of the beauty of homeschooling. We're just beginning high school but I'm already loving it, and my dd (who has been HSed since 2nd grade) loves it, too.

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