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Pet Allergy Question- About outgrowing them.

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Have your or any of your children had allergies to dog and cats and suddenly been over that allergy?


My Son was fine from birth until age 5. Suddenly, we started to pet sit where the dog would come here, and he started with hives on his eyelids, sneezing, wheezing, etc...I didn't completely shelter him from animals, but always had to give him benadryl before visiting my Mother in law who has 3 little dogs that he adores. His allergies used to be so bad that his nose would literally run like a faucet.

Recently, we've been going to my MIL's and no problems what so ever. No more sneezing, watery eyes, hives, etc...nothing in her environment has changed. I'm a little in shock, and quite relieved. My Son LOVES animals and often says he wants to be a vet. We'd love to get a little pup, but the idea of getting one and then allergies bothering him scare me. Medicating my son for life is out of the question.


I'd love to hear recovery stories. :)



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As a child, I was allergic to cats. I had bothersome symptoms, and tested highly positive on the scratch test.


In high school we got a cat. My symptoms were not terrible, and I elected to just cope. After I moved out, I got a cat. I didn't notice any symptoms.


I had allergy testing done a couple of years ago, and no longer tested positive to cats on the scratch test.


Some cats will provoke symptoms if they get in my face; others don't. In general, they don't bother me at all now.

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My animal loving ds was incredibly allergic to any animals with dander/fur. We found a kitten for him when he turned 4 and we had to return it the next morning because he woke up with an asthma attack and his eyes wouldn't open because of all the swelling. We tried dogs, hamsters etc. The doctors said that it was unlikely that anything other than weekly shots would help him if he wanted to own a pet. So, we went the lizard, turtle, fish route. Well, last March when ds was turning 11 he begged and begged for a kitten. We reminded him of his allergies and his HUGE aversion to shots since he would need one weekly. He stayed with my aunt and uncle for a week...they have many cats (only 2 are indoor cats), they have goats, horses, chickens and dogs. He was fine the whole week...not issues...he did out grow it..but the doctors did say before we go and get any pets that we need to be sure to watch him closely. That your body will adjust to your own animals...we would have to vacuum a couple of times daily, dust daily and make sure to keep the pets out of his room until we knew he was okay..we haven't made the plunge yet be we are thinking of doing so this March for his birthday.


He wants to be a veterinarian so I really need to help feed this love if we can and keep his health in check.


Oh yes, and I used to be allergic to cats as a kid and they do not bother me at all.......:)



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