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Crash Course in Conversational French for kids?


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We may have the opportunity to travel to Belgium with dh on business this fall for a few weeks. I'd like to have dd (and me) to have a crash course in conversational French. (I'm not willing to learn Flemish!) I had two years of French in college, but that knowledge is long gone. DD has had some Spanish and Latin.


I'm planning to drop Spanish and Latin for the next two months and concentrate on French every day. What program do you suggest for dd? I want something that will focus on conversation and not on grammar. I'd love a DVD-based program.

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"Ecoutez, Parlez!" and "10 Minutes a Day" are two that claim to get the student speaking French quickly and easily.


There is no DVD component for either of these. The first one may be a little pricey for your purposes, unless you only do one level, and on the "10 minutes" book, there is an audio package sold seperately, but it is also expensive (IMO).


Good luck and have a great time in Belgium!

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Michel Thomas is my recommendation, I know others have used Pimsleur with success as well but I can't speak for it. Michel Thomas gave me a huge boost in conversational understanding but of course the problem is having someone to speak to. :) French in Action is great too, total immersion videos, online for free.


So, with French in Action, are the free videos the same thing that is on the DVDs that they sell? And I could see all of them online just by signing up? But if I want the workbooks or other materials, I have to purchase those, right?


Do you think this would be a good choice for my eldest dc? He is using Learnables right now, and although he is not speaking any French (really no one to talk with, as I know not one iota), I know his understanding of French is pretty good as is his ear for how it should sound. He wants to continue with Learnables 2, and I suspect he may work through level 2 and 3 this coming year. That would put me having to choose something for 8th grade and up for him.


Would French in Action be a good follow up? And would the Michel Thomas materials work for him as far as the speaking component right now?


Thank you!

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Our "crash course" in German when dc were 8 - 13 was movies. Check your DVDs. Most will only have a Spanish option but a few will have French!


Go to your library and look through their children's (OK, baby's) section for simple, short episodes with slow narration (like Madeline)to start off with, then progress to movies.


And best of all, it goes with any beginning French program.

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