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Math game apps, actual games


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My boys love math games and apps.


Here are some of our current favorites.


Math evolve


Dragon box


Anything by the Monkey Math people


Actual games:

UNO (good for # recognition and planning)


A game where I write numbers in the bottom of each spot in an egg carton, put in two marbles and the add up the numbers the marbles land on.


As you can see, we need more non-screen suggestions

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I second the Peggy Kaye books, and have found Kitchen Table Math to be excellent as well.


As for board games, we like Monster Math, Number Ninjas, Shut the Box, Math Dice, Zues on the Loose, Money Bags, and Mummy Math.

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The old Brown Paper School books are great for fun activities. Check out Math for Smart Pants and I Hate Mathematics on Amazon. You can usually pick up used copies of .01 + 3.99 shipping = 4.00 each. Those together with the Family Math series should keep you in off-line Math activities for years.




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We just started using splash math and my daughter loves it. Www.splashmath.com


We also play a matching game called Monster Math - my kids play that independently together and it has different sets of cards for different skill levels. They have it on amazon.


Monopoly Jr is fun.


And Last but not Least - Pass the Pigs! I've been playing this game since I was a kid and it is tons of fun, great for mental math and skip counting skills and takes about 10 seconds to set up and put away. We play this game a lot!

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Guest JoeBrownjb

Eh what about card games:


-Math Grab like www.mathgrab.com/how-to-play-math-grab-multiplication

-Game Cards i.e. you can use a deck for these games where a certain number like 10 is made.


Or giant dice games like www.prekinders.com/giant-dice/


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We played a lot of black jack (21) as kids.  I can still hear my dad saying, "Don't  just count the spots!"  lol

Another good classic is dominos, where you try to get the ends to add to a multiple of 5 in order to get points.  I still play this with my dad and brother via an app, even though we're 3000 miles apart.  :-)  


I like the jelly beans game from educationunboxed as well.  

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My kids are loving Prodigy Math.  It is free (though there is a paid version which gives the players more game options) and fun.  The game is not built around math, rather...math is built into the game.  The player engages in "battles" and in order to win, they have to correctly answer math questions.


The game will test your student and place them into an appropriate grade level.  But you can also set assignments from a HUGE list of tasks.  Each week, I assign my kids various tasks that review their prior math concepts they've previously mastered.  


It is very well put together and the kids love it.  


If you do sign up, please consider using our referral link.  If we share with 20 kids, one of my kids will get a free membership.  



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