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What happened with the neighbor with the capybara, etc.?


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There are a lot of areas here that are unincorporated or have no HoA. They should have done more homework before moving into a planned community.


Ours is not nearly as Gestapo as others, but that many animals + the permit really calls them out.


Oh I totally agree they should have done their homework first, and most of what they had or planned to have I am glad they could not have in a neighborhood due to HOA. I was just surprised to hear no exotics at all, because technically my tortoises, lizards, crabs and snakes count as exotics and I could not imagine not being permitted to have them in my own home kwim. Particularily since there is no similarity between having a hedge hog and having a capybara, etc.


I am glad that your neighborhood has the ability to force this sort of thing out. A backyard zoo is not needed in any residential neighborhood. It was just the no exotics period rule that caught me off guard because really that means nearly every pet that isn't a cat, dog, bunny or hamster. Even birds like parrots are considered exotics so you could have a budgie but not a parrot?


Totally not the point of what that person was doing of course.

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I can see not allowing many of those animals but no exotics? I wouldn't be allowed most of my pets because they are considered exotic

Snakes and reptiles are usually not considered exotic by any hoa I have ever lived in or anyone I know who has had an hoa. Ours says something vague like animals that need a cage/terrarium need to be kept in it and not released into the wild if you change your mind. It makes no distinction as to if those animals are bunnies or snakes. That's how I've always seen it written.

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