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Interesting Idea for Writing

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Today, just for fun, we tried something new for writing. I had stumbled upon the web site for the World Press Photo Contest, and was fascinated by some of the photos I saw there. I thought they might be good writing prompts for our kids, so I brought out the laptop and selected one photo. I told them they could write any story about it that they could think of from any point of view. It featured a police officer with men up against a wall and children walking by.


What a terrific time they all had writing! This may be the single best writing idea I've ever had. All five kids asked if we could do this more often, and they each wrote very creative, interesting stories from a variety of points of view. I was quite surprised at the outcome, and thought I'd share the idea with others.


One caveat, there are some photos showing extreme violence or the end result. However, there are also some very thought provoking images as well. Perfect for older students, or when carefully selected even much younger ones. Some portraits are haunting and can lead to some very deep thinking.


Here is the link, in case anyone is interested: http://www.worldpressphoto.org/awards/2013

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