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Need assurance! high school math fears

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I posted earlier about Geometry/Algebra courses and got some fabulous feedback so thank you all very much.


I'm just needing some encouragement that the journey through high school is doable independently. I was so concerned about embarking on high school that I enrolled my kids in a homeschool charter school that provides on site math classes-they use Saxon which the kids are doing fine in, BUT in all other regards, I cannot stand the charter school. It goes completely against my philosophy of homeschooling, I am locked in a box in every other aspect and just can't continue on with them. But I am nervous about venturing out on our own-in regards to math.

I did fine in math myself, I made it through college level Statistics, so I know I have it in me to be able to teach-I am just afraid I will be overwhelmed and that my students will suffer. DH isn't mathy at all. All the educating is pretty much up to me.


Is anyone else in a similar situation? If so can you please share what works for you?


And am I correct in assuming that "Keys to..." Are not adequate for a full years course work? As a student myself, I used them, as pre-courses to Abeka Geometry and ACE Algebra. I liked them a lot, I felt they broke things down to a level I could understand.

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If your kids are doing Saxon and it is working for everybody, then it may be the solution for you. I have said many times here that it is not what I would have chosen for Dd, but she loves it, does well with it and tests very well using it. So, it aint broke for her and I aint gonna fix it.


For the video part we use Art Reeds dvds. He: 1. Has a great demeanor 2. He doesn't just repeat what is in the book/solutions manual 3. Gives solid lessons without being longwinded 4. Supports his product and 5. Knows when to show them another way to get at whatever the lesson may be. Frankly, he is the teacher kids doing Saxon should have to guide them in trying to see connections. www.homeschoolwithsaxon.com is the website.


If you go with Saxon, follow the program. Every problem does matter and the learning is built into the slight deviations between one problem and the next. It is widely used, so you should be able to find the materials inexpensively on the second hand market.


I choose to also pick up other suggested texts occassionally when I find them cheap (under $10). I don't need them, but it allows me to occassionally look, compare and see how they approach a topic.


The Keys to are neat and can be great to firm up a weak particular area, but they really are not enough alone.

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Well, you know, it's highly possible that your dd can take her maths at the local community college. That's what both of my daughters did. What a relief, lol. If you file an affidavit yourself, you get to decide what your dd needs in order to graduate, and she can either take those classes at the c.c. as part of high school, or you can graduate her and she can take them as an adult. And if she goes to the c.c. and transfers to a U.C. or CalState, they won't care what she did in "high school," so you'll be free and clear.

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