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Give me your best American history resources...


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I want to hear about the stuff your kids love! I posted last week about my daughter (11, 6th) was really disliking her online history class with Landry. I finally told her this morning she didn't have to do it anymore. She is so relieved.


Please pass along anything that you have used that you love for a non history loving child. She doesn't like craft type stuff or dry, boring books. She is very visual but does well with audio too. I have ordered the Drive Thru American History series DVD's. I also own the History of Us DVD. I am also ordering some of the history related Kids Discover Magazines later today.


I am thinking for now of using mostly movies, documentaries, kid friendly books, ect. I was also thinking of listening to Hakim's history books from Audible. I have a ton of credits i need to use, between me and my husband, i could get the whole set.


Anything that you can think of that your kids have loved, please post here.




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oooh..I want to listen too! We are doing the same next year. I'm going to use the "History of Us" DVDs, either off amazon or from the library. The matching books I think (or Hakim), and then use books from the Sonlight Core 100 list, (only the interesting looking ones) and the American ones from TOG as well. Plus I saw in the RR catalog a poetry book for US Geography...something that had poems for each part of the US or something. And I'm thinking time playing stack the states on his Ipod each day. Maybe maps from Knowledge Quest. Whatever cool documentaries I can find on Netflix/library for various periods. Maybe some kind of geographical or historical cookbook as well.

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Resources we have for US history for a middle schooler:


Story of Us - (Hakim) My kid isn't a fan. He'll use them if he has to, but doesn't like them. They're very concise.

Jackdaws - (document portfolios) The Kid LOVES these! It's the highlight of his study, because he gets to see and touch and the questions in the guide expect him to think.

Literature - Dear America/My America, general fiction, etc. all have been a huge hit in our house.

Lies My Teacher Told Me/Teaching What Really Happened - both by James Loewen, both good teacher resources.

Movies - Though prescreening might be best on some, we've watched everything from documentaries to Newsies to Iron-Jawed Angels.

Disney's The Presidents app - and I may have to get the videos, too!



and then there are websites - lettersofnote, howtobearetronaut, (need parental oversight) and these




My kid has woken up to history since he can argue more. When he was little he liked SOTW because he got to do activities. Now he likes *history* because he can debate and think and come at it from any angle he wants as long as the evidence supports his theory.

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Guesthollow, guesthollow, guesthollow!! She's put together a great, free, engaging American history program using wonderful books, excellent projects and video suggestions, all organized by week if you don't want to pull it together yourself. There is more in each week than we could ever do, but we got to pick and choose what appealed. Most of the books are common in libraries, so you can read lots but not buy anything you don't want. I really can't say enough good things about it.

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