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Talk to me about MFW K


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I looked at MFW K with my oldest son (now in 2nd grade), wanted it, and decided it would be too light. Turns out, it would not have been to light for him. My second son will be 5 this June. He has decided he is ready to learn letters. He can cut and color decently and will do pages or crafts, which my older son did not enjoy. I am looking at MFW K again.


It says on the website it takes 2.5-3 hours. Really? What are your experiences? Does that include read-aloud time? Is the new version way better than the old one? Is there any chance to find it used or just as well to buy it new? Is the deluxe package worth the price? I'm sure my son would love the ant hill! If I get it, should I go ahead with plans to teach him his letters and sounds with mommy-makes up activities or start MFW K? In other words, if he learns his letters and most sounds, and then we start MFW K, will it be too slow?


It might help to know that I lean to the better-late-than-early camp. I totally don't expect him to read in K or 1st for that matter. I like that he is interested, but mostly would like him to have a fun year, and MFW K looks fun.

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I'm not sure where you are seeing it takes that long. On the Kindy page it says "Daily Lessons are 60-90 minutes long." that might be right. I tended to get it done in 45-60 minutes but my children were younger sibs and that was plenty.


I've taught first edition twice. and out of sentimental reasons bought the 2nd edition. I think if you get 2nd edition of Kindy you will like it more. In either case, the 2nd edition student sheets work with first edition manuals. (in the kindy program)


advantages of 2nd edition:

just enough more math

just enough more Bible


I thought their K program was fun. I used it with 2 children who were reading early. One of them was 5 when we started. I don't know how she learned to read. But as my memory recalls, I started MFW K with her and she could read the stories.. I used it anyway and focused more on spelling and handwriting with the phonics. It was lovely to use. Other child, could read which amazes me as she has autism and severe issues with talking... she was 6 when she used MFW K.


I didn't have them color everything..


I think 2nd edition is just enough nicer to try to get it. don't worry on old vs. new cover... as long as it is 2nd edition.


deluxe: has some nice stuff. you'll want a globe. You don't have to have the book For the Children's Sake. Ant hill and butterfly is fun. if you're not in "young earth", you'll want to make decision on the dinosaur book.. Classical Music stuff is nice to round out the day. and C Rods and book with it are good for logic/critical thinking.

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We are using MFW Kinder for the third time and love it.


I've taught two kids to begin to read using it which is proof to me that it is "enough" even though it's not a lot of seat work. If your child learns well and doesn't stall over school work, it won't even take an hour most days.


I used the first edition for two children and am using the newer edition now and do like its set-up better, but the first one is still great if you end up doing that one instead.


As for deluxe, we use the Cuseneirre (sp?) rods regularly and we use the dinosaur book, ant hill and butterfly house also. I have every intention of using the classical music cd but that doesn't get done very often. I started reading "For the Children's Sake" but never finished it.


The literature kit is nice to have also if you don't want to piece it together yourself and don't have a great library.

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We're using MFWK but this my first year so am only familiar with the 2nd edition.


For us, it takes us a little longer than the 60-90 minutes mfw estimates, maybe 2 hrs. on average, but that includes read alouds, Bible, and activity. We also do about 15 minutes of Spanish and 15 minutes of preschool time, and I usually find additional activities, mainly crafts, we add in that go with the unit theme, so we'll typically do school in 2 1/2 - 3 hrs.


With you having older children, and your ds sounding like he's very school ready / motivated, I would guess doing just Bible, Language and Math would take 45 minutes, the whole program, tops an hour and half. With parents with older kids, I believe mfw k recommends just doing Bible, Math, Language, and an activity and read aloud if time permits to make k an hour and then encourages parents to join older siblings for their school time when appropriate. This enables the parent to do k when older kids do an hour of independent work. In this case, you'd probably not need the deluxe kit.


I heard reviews it was light. I think because each letter is a unit that mfw k only teaches letters but it covers all basic k skills, phonics, handwriting, and by mid program the children are reading short stories. Language has more hands on activities but that is what my active dd needs :). We do about 1 to 2 worksheets a day, which is not a lot of time, but doing the other activities, including the games, rounds it out to be perfect.


We got the deluxe package. We use the globe fairly often and the cuisanaire rods on day 6 regularly. The book For the Sake of the Children I read and felt have me a good fondation / understanding of the mfw k philosophy for young learners, but a seasoned mom might not find it necessary. The ant hill was fun and we look foreword to using the butterfly pavilion. The cd is often skipped, but my dd will listen to it on her own and sometimes if we've skipped a couple songs, we will play whole cd when we do a craft or baking to get "caught up". For the songs we did pretend to be certain animals, they often remember and act it out in their own.


What program are your older children doing? Do you plan to MFW Adventures or start the family cycle? If so they have other items you might want instead of the deluxe package to involve the k'er in the family cycle.



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Just a note for anyone looking at the thread. I got a version 1 and have started it with my 4.5 year old son. At the beginning he doesn't know many letters or numbers, but can listen to long stories. I'll try to remember to update how it goes for any future lookers.

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I love it. The first edition is just right for us. We aren't real big on worksheets. I add math games or counting activities or mazes or coloring as needed. It doesn't take us too long to do the 3rs. The activities are just right for my middle son. Some of the topics - like moon- I extended for my oldest with books he likes. We added a solar mobile for him.


Now, my son is young and doesn't want to do school all the time. I'm just trying to get 3 days a week. More if we can.

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