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Reboot needed - TOG-lite?

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It is mid year and I am trying to reboot history. We just finished TOG year 1 and are starting the middle ages. We just aren't progressing. I need something more streamlined.


My DS12 tends to read through the large amount of reading quickly and then can't remember what he read. I think TOG assigns a bit too much. I am hoping to spend about 45 minutes a day on history plus time for lit.


I have tried eliminating some of the "in depth" reading but then the discussion and accoutabilty questions don't match with what he read.

I have thought of dropping down a level - we are doing dialectic and could do upper grammar - but then there are no discussion questions. We don't need easier - just less.

I also considered spreading it out - but I want to complete a four year cylcle by the end of 8th grade and he is in 6th so we need to keep moving.


I like that there is literature included but we don't need so much.

I like that there is mapwork.

I like that there is a schedule. I have a "colicky" 4 month old and I want something ds12 can follow.

I like accountabilty and discussion questions.

I can't do much in the way of read-alouds.


Any suggestions?



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What about skipping the accountability questions? Instead, turn to the student threads on page 6 of the week plan. It lists the threads the students are studying this week. Have your student write a short summary to answer each thread rather than answer the accountability questions. You could then go through the discussion and pick and choose what you'd like to emphasis, discuss, or lecture for the week.


Another idea is to go ahead and do the UG readings and thread, but run through the D discussions anyway. My UG student used to tag along for the discussions. It was amazing how many of the questions he could answer before his older siblings because he read SOTW and it covered the baseline information well.


Oh yeah, year 2... tons and tons of reading. My kids did get swamped last year on the sheer volume. Year 3 is reasonable with the amount of reading, but year 2 can be difficult. Even my strong reader struggled at times last year.

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Thank you for the suggestions so far.

I will look at Biblioplan and also consider reworking how we do TOG. We have been homeschooling for a year and a half and for some reason get hung up on history. I think it is because there is a divide between what I would like to learn and what my son would like to learn.


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