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What would you buy if not curriculum?


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I was looking over my plans for fall, and everything I already own, and realized that I don't need to buy anything for fall! Granted, at some point I'll have to buy the next LOF books, and the second volume of K12's Human Odyssey, but that'll be later down the line. I already own tons of math, language arts, science experiment books, and so on and so forth.


So I'm thinking fun science stuff, arts and crafts supplies, maybe Project Passport: The Middle Ages (haven't decided if we really want that or not).


What would you buy for the year ahead that isn't curriculum? And this is for a to-be 10yo and a to-be 12yo.

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Per child:


A nature study pack (back pack, messenger bag, whatever)


Field microscope

Collection jars

Magnifying glass

Field guides

Mini flower press


For the whole family:

A terrarium for plants and critters.

A beta fish in a fish jar with a Peace Lily

Magic School Bus

Bird Feeders

Bird houses

Bird bath

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I'm not going to repeat the great suggestions previous posters have made, but here's one I haven't seen yet:

quality music recordings to add to our library (not el cheapo Naxos or Mad About ... recordings)

tickets to see high-quality performances--plays, symphony concerts, ballets, operas ... whatever is available

many colleges/ universities will issue you a library card for a yearly fee (totally worth it IMHO)

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:lol: Your dry and practical humor lights up day sometimes. Thanks for being YOU.




good mechanical pencils

crayons (I like Prang 64)

Drawing books

Kindle Paperwhite

hardcopy reference books

cookbooks and craft books

measuring tools

magnifying instruments

Magnets. You can never have too many magnets.

Architecture books and the straws and blocks and things suggested in the projects.

Maps and globes

Thumb drives to store documents and ebooks and audios

folk and ethnic and cheap musical instruments

sports equipment

critters and cages and bowls

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Zoo membership

audible.com membership

excellent art supplies (copic pens, calligraphy pens, watercolor pencils, etc)

sewing machine

a turtle

terrarium and fairy garden supplies


ukelele's for the whole family (my dd has one and they are great and easy to learn)

kindle fires for all 3 kids (so i didn't have to share)

a good microscope and telescope

a place for garden beds

test tubes

digital piano

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