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Newbie to Unit Studies

Ruthie in MS

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I've tried several different kinds of material like:

FIAR: I love the literature approach but I hate that it's all over the place and you don't get in-depth with any topic.

Apologia Science: I love how we get to go in depth with the topic but I don't like studying it for a whole year.


Which leads me to think that we would really like unit studies. I really want to get started on doing some unit studies next year. I would love some recommendations on how to get started. Websites, books, already-planned units..... whatever. How can I get started with unit studies? Thanks in advance!

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I've got a couple unit study planning books here and don't use them. I always mean to read them but don't.


I did a lot of Bible based unit studies with my youngest. I was pretty loose with my planning and didn't try to teach all topics all the time. We just read the KJV BIble in the morning during morning worship and things just naturally spread out from there.


Write On! works well with unit studies.


I find a home reference library that includes hard copies of encyclopedias to be a must. Maybe that is only because I don't plan.


I'm no longer a Christian, but I get students who are KJV only ladies, and I often will still use the methods I have used in the past. I'm comfortable teaching from the KJV. It's familiar and just leads to all sorts of fascinating topics. It works. I don't have to believe in a certain deity to use something that works. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy :D But I am crazy so what else would anyone expect from me. :biggrinjester:


Don't be afraid to do several overlapping mini unit studies at a time. Don't overcomplicate anything to the point that less learning takes place. When we found something interesting, I just used the topic to teach skills while interest was high. I wasn't tidy about it.

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