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favorite online printable worksheet site?

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I all, I like having having last-minute or random printable worksheets on all sorts of subjects and am currently a member of superteacherworksheets.com. I have very little ones at home so I don't have a lot of time to sift through a bunch of sites through a google search. (I know they're all out there for free, but I'll pay for the convenience of one website).


While I've been somewhat happy with superteacherworksheets, my renewal is up and before I spend $20.00, does someone have ONE printable worksheet website that covers everything from preschool worksheets to handwriting to 2nd grade science?



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I print quite a bit from education.com


I haven't paid for a subscription yet, I think you can download 10 worksheets a month for free and I haven't needed more than that yet. They have workbooks (printable) if you buy a subscription (monthly or yearly) so things are all put together for you.


I just used it for supplemental things. It's easy to search for worksheets based on topic and grade level. Lately I have printed worksheets on prefixes, suffixes, and dictionary skills.



I don't know where I thought I saw that about being limited to 10 worksheets a month for free because I'm pretty sure I've exceeded that in the last week and I don't see anything about that limit on there now.

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When scholastic.com had their dollar sale I downloaded quite a bit there. Good way to spend ink jets...


I'd say for preschool they are pretty safe and there are free things there which don't cost anything btw....


When one looks at the higher level work, and various disciplines, it's very rough going and frankly...we use them for compare and contrast arguments (on the argue side) - so you have to be a bit careful there.


The ERIC databases are a bit better, free and inexhaustible, but a lot of work to weed around and find what you need, it is the pintrest equivalent time waster for worksheets, there is a learning curve involved. http://www.eric.ed.gov/

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