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I Need Help Picking a Name for My Homeschool


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Well, my boys are still very young, and so I know we will change our name before they are high school age, but for now we are Padawan Prep...lol. Are there any nature-related names you could use that have to do with something in your area?


Tall Pines

Rolling Hills

______ Creek School

(Number of kids) Oaks Academy

Oceanside Academy


Or, if you are religious, a name that conveys that.

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We chose something from our faith tradition and it sounds fancy 'nough. Holy Ascension Preparatory Academy. I also like "Learning Center" because that's really what our home is, but for its purpose (transcript, like you said), it doesn't sound "let me in your college" worthy.

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Like milovany, I went with something religious, but for us it's very hidden and depending on the group, I can go lots of ways with it. I wanted something that point to Christ but everything I came up with, dh didn't like. Then the song lyrics came through my head

"and in the dark and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil". That anchor is Christ. We are Anchor Academy. If in a secular group that just would not understand, I can go with anchor paying homage to my home town - our rednecks were watermen.

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Well, if you like the fire ant thing, but want to have fun with it, you use the latin name for the local type of fire ants, and add Academy.


Solenopsis invicta Academy, for instance. :)



I love it! How about


Mater invicta --Mother unconquered (at least not yet...)

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