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LArts/Literature: SL vs MP vs HOD vs CLE


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I would love someone to compare or share their thoughts on the larts portions and reading on the above.

I know that cover different things and I am sooooo confused about what direction to go...


My goal is that DD can develop excellent writing skills, critical thinking and comprehension.


She LOVES reading, and we enjoy read alouds.


We plan on using CLE Larts as our foundation, we are also using CLE Reading, but I am wondering whether the Reading CLE is very dry and not much critical thinking or discussions.


What skills help turn out good writers?

Which programs have better preparation in foundational skills for writing paragraphs and developing good writing skills?


Which program develops critical thinking and good comprehension.

I am trying to avoid any empty lessons that will not develop proper skills later on...if that makes sense.


I am also after a program that uses great books. We are also Christian.


Thanks in advance!

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We also use CLE for our LA and reading and have used two years of HOD (Preparing and CTC). I liked the combination of HOD and CLE. HOD was very effective at moving my dd from oral narrations to written narrations. In the years I used, HOD's writing instruction was consistent with Charlotte Mason's philosophy.


I think HOD would suit your goals. I have never used MP or SL so I can't comment on those.

How old is your daughter?

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