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You could do some Davis work with claying. There are videos on youtube for it. Might also bop your VT doc an *email* and just tell them what's happening, see what they say. Even if you can't go in for full, maybe just a session and some tasks, come back in a month or two... Sometimes when they have a growth spurt things happen. He may need a touch of work to get those new connections made.

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Do you have the alphabet displayed somewhere si he can easily see it? One simple idea is to place an alphabet strip on his desk showing the proper orientation of the letters. You can find them at many school supply stores or print one out at home. We did lots of the clay letters like Elizabeth mentioned, and the Davis program uses alphabet strips for examples as they shape the letters. It might be enough to just have the letters displayed. You could also do things like mark the tops of his papers with an arrow going left to right ----------->

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My almost-6 yr old has done the same exact thing recently! 2 or 3 times. She wrote her entire name in mirror-image and didn't notice until I pointed it out. She even started the word at the top right-side of the page. Thankfully, I just told her she wrote the whole thing backwards and she said, "Huh?? Oh maaaaan." Hoping it isn't repetitive. Just thought I'd share.


Maybe you could put a sticker or draw a smiley face on the top left of every page for a while to emphasize that's where you start writing? It's pretty hard to write in mirror image if you're starting on the left of the paper, unless they write the last letter of the word first which is incredibly unlikely. And I'm thinking this also because, like I said, my daughter started her mirror-image name in the top right of the page.

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You wrote that: 'he has written in complete mirror writing. Right to left, perfect mirror writing with proper stroke sequence....and he is unaware that he is doing it. If I point it out, he doesn't see what's wrong.'

Where the crucial point, is that 'he doesn't see what's wrong'?

So that what needs to be considered, is that that is how he sees when writing?

Afterall, how else could he not see that it is wrong?

It might be helpful to understand a bit about vision?

The image that forms on the back of the eyes, is actually rotated 180 degrees, because of the way that light passes through the lens of the eye.

So that the image is upside down, and left and right are reversed.

In the first few months of life, a babies brain learns how to rotate this image of the world, to see it correctly.

But this only applies to the 'concrete world', where later as an infant and it is introduced to 'symbols', as in letters?

It has to learn to rotate the image of these symbols.

While their is logic to up and down, left and right in the concrete world.

Logic can't be applied to symbols.


So that given his 4th cranial nerve palsy and the visual vertical disassociation this causes.

What needs to be considered, is the effect that this may have had, on the development of his ability to rotate the visual images of symbols?

Particularly, how disassociated images from each eye, could disrupt this developmental process?


So given that he writes 'right to left, perfect mirror writing with proper stroke sequence'?

It really needs to be considered, that that is actually how he sees writing?

Where you could get him to do some writing from right to left, and then hold it up to a mirror, and see how well he writes that way?


Where the question is whether what we see as normal writing, is mirror writing to him?

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You wrote that you don't know how to diagnose and fix it?


Where diagnosis simply involves getting him to do some writing, but ask him to start from the right side of the page, and to do it in mirror writing.

Perhaps have him write a whole page that way?


Where the key point, is having told him to write that way. Is to identify how fluent his mirror writing is?

When encouraged to do it that way.


From what you've said, it will most likely be as you wrote earlier: 'perfect mirror writing'?

So that this will provide you with a diagnosis.


Then if we come to 'fixing it'?

What this involves, is to simply have him do all of writing, as 'mirror writing'?

Where you will most likely find that after doing this for a period of 2 to 4 weeks?

That importantly without any pressure, he will suddenly find that he is also able to write 'left to write'.


Where rather than 'fixing', it enables a 'developmental process' to occur.


Though given that this seems too simple, I'll provide some background to this approach.

I've been part of team doing study and research into this 'issue' for over 3 years.

Which has resulted in trial studies currently being conducted in a number of schools by a Dept at MIT.

Along with some related study and research at Calgary University, that I've been involved with for over 2 years.

As well as a further qualitative study that has been going for about 7 years, and initiated the further studies.

Another study, has identified that a region in the brain called the 'left fusiform gyrus' is used for what is termed as 'mirror invariance' in normal vision. But has an area within it, that deals with script/ letters.


But the longer study, has identified that the key to 'fixing' the issue? Is where mirror writing is natural. To encourage the use of mirror writing, which activates the developmental process, that results in a transition to 'normal writing'.

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That is interesting that he has more issues with copying the picture of the letter?

Where the difference could be that with writing letters he is recalling motor memory to form the letters?

So that he feels the letter as writes it, rather than using a mental image of the letter as his reference?

But when copying the picture of the letter, the visual image becomes his reference?



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