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Books on healthy eating geared to kids?


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We have this, but I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder to pull it out.





I'm wary of using the word "toxic" unless you're very clearly defining how you mean it to be used. This kind of hyperbole is like a balloon waiting to be popped. It drives me crazy that Lustig calls sugar "toxic" without qualification of the term -- though he's on firm scientific ground when talking about glucose and fructose -- because it cheapens the word. It's not a poison -- its effects are more insidious. Common additives to processed foods won't poison you, and there's little if any evidence to support their being "toxic" long term. The real health concern is a getting a healthy and balanced diet: processed foods, with or without scary sounding additives undermine health in the long term. Why are the additives there? To extend shelf life, to impart flavour where there is little or none, and to make you want more. Why? To make money. Do they care about your health? No.


I know he's been quoted to death, but I agree with Michael Polan: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.


I would only change "food" to "whole foods" or "minimally processed" foods.

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Have you checked out the Real Food Nutrition e-book? http://www.foodreneg...dnutritiontext/


It's def NT friendly. My kids and I did it as a readaloud. They loved it...and it sparked some great discussions.



this. There is a "kid" version, and just a regular version. I have both, funnily enough, but would use the older one for my older kids.

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