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Need an artist from England

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My brain is not working today (no coffee yet), so I need some help please.

I need a famous artist that was born in England, or is know as an English artist. We are adding an artist study to our cultural geography lessons and studied Picasso for Spain and Seurat for France.


oh, and if you can think of a Russian artist also, that would help to.

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We just finished studying Great Britain and Russia in our world geography studies.


The artists and works that I picked for England were:Thomas Gainsborough's Mr.and Mrs. Andrews, John Everett Millais' Cherry Ripe, Joseph Mallord William Turner's Transept of Fountains Abbey-Evening, Richard Wilson's Snowdon from Llyn Nantlle.


The artists and works I picked for Russia were: Kandinsky's Yellow, Red, Blue and Chagall's Les Maries de la Tour Eiffel

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I've been reading about the life of Beatrix Potter. I know she is not known as an artist, but she really was a talented artist. She was quite amazing at a young age.


I was going to suggest Beatrix Potter as well--especially if this is for younger children. Maybe not the most mainstream pick for an "artist", but appealing and accessible for children. (We found a great book about her art at our library, btw.)

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