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Maths help.....


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My ds is doing Grade 4 Singapore Maths this year.


Some lessons such as Fractions (Mixed nos. and Improper fractions) and Division word problems burst him into tears......


Any online math help videos or websites for Grade 4 and Upper Elemantary kids.......



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Thanks boscipup!


I am outside US so don't have HIG.....




2)2 2/3+1 1/9


3)1 3/8+2 3/4




5)1- 2/11-7/11


6)3 1/5-1 7/10


7)8 1/4+7 3/8


Some word problems and Write the improper fraction on number lines.....(I will send these later)



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Oh I just went through this whole last week with my son trying to explain adding unlike fractions. It took 4 days of just not getting it til it clicked. We watched videos on Kahn academy and about 3 other sites and still nothing. He could understand how to change the denominator and the numerator but when you suddenly made him try to add or subtract them he started criss crossing like you would when dividing fractions. I seriously wanted to smack my forehead about four hundred times. Yesterday he finally got it and the real test was today when he still got it. Every single video and site explained it the same exact way. There was not changing the way this is done.


It looks like there are two different parts to your math problems 1... improper fractions so converting 2 2/3 to 8/3 ... That needs to be practiced on its own. And finding the common denominator. For my son his math book had him first work on converting the numbers and practice that a bunch. Then they had him practice changing the fraction a bunch so that when the denominator changes so does the numerator so that the fraction always means the same (ie 1/2 is the same as 2/4) There are a number of visual ways to change this too. If you have playdough or something that can easily be broken into pieces that works as well for a hands on focus. (Cookie dough, yummy). We did okay with all of that just for some reason when it came to adding the two unlike fractions my sons brain shut down. Maybe we needed more practice in just changing the fractions






Also you can look on youtube... I usually prefer to find things on you tube when my kids are not around and show them later so I can filter the content.



So problem number two above I would do like this


2 2/3 + 1 1/9 ---> Convert to fractions

8/3 + 10/9 ----> Now we need to find a common denominator which will be 9 (because both numbers are divisible by 9)

8/3 ---> 24/9


10/9 stays the same


24/9+ 10/9 = 34/9



My son did not get it until I showed him that 8/3 = 24/9 because


8 x 3

3 3


Which works because 3/3 is the same at 1 whole and when you multiply something by 1 it is still the same number.


He still got a bit confused but I think we worked through most of the kinks.


(Wow it is kind of hard to explain this in typing without being able to write it out or show and talk at the same time) The Khan academy video we watched did a good job at writing and talking through it though

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