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Writing help pls!


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My kids have started new year and they are doing Grade 3 & 4..


Being outside US,want to use free resources ,so is anyone using Scottforesman grammer and writing book for Grades 3 and 4?


Is scottsforeman writing book a meaty curriculum for writing through 6th Grade?


Actually I love Evan moor products but in fear of unsubscribing (if want to quit),am away from EM books.


If anyone knows writing products online subscription like EM ,please tell me.


Is anyone using Winning with writing ?if so then are there answers and instruction for parent how to teach writing in teacher resource




My younger one is in tears with WWE so need an easy and fun writing to teach.


Which site is recommended for online teaching class?






Would kids need any assistance from parent or these online classes are independent?Because I need less parent intensive program.


If anyone know good writing resources online,kindly guide me............



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My daughter is using Home2Teach. She just finished her 3rd session today. She loves it! It is hands off for the parent. Some disagree with this but I am totally ok with it for now. lol They want to see the student's work, not the students work after the parent has made them fix their errors. She has learned a lot! And I think it's pretty cheap at $80 for 6 week sessions. Registration is going on right now. Classes start again in March, but they do fill quickly.

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I'm overhauling my writing program right now, but when in flux, I recommend the 3 sentence report, 3 paragraph report, and practicing the into and conclusion with just the 3 sentence report as an outline for the body. The TM explains how to use these 3 lessons over and over. These samples are all free and the best part of the curriculum. Of course I suggest supporting the author by buying the full curriculum, but these 3 worksheets work as a valuable stand alone curriculum.

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