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Tabernacle & Levitical Offerings study ideas (Christian perspective)

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I would love to do a unit with ds about the tabernacle and the Levitical offerings. The symbolism of the Messiah is so rich, and I love how this subject can really tie the OT and NT together. Has anyone done this? What resources do you recommend? If you've blogged about it, I would love to a link to your blog post. TIA!

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DH and I just taught this in 3rd Grade SS. Rich material.

Great Commission Publications - www.gcp.org

Winter Quarter, Year 2, Middle Elementary, "God's Design for Worship"

A teacher's kit would give you the lessons, posters/visuals and one copy of all the kids' papers.


Also, DH and I loved a SS class we were in years ago on Leviticus. The pastor who taught, Brian Habig, now has his sermons online and I'm pretty sure he's preached on Leviticus.

downtownpres.org (a PCA church in Greenville, SC)

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I did this with kids older than yours (middle and high school) using parts from different Precepts studies. I had done the Beth Moore study on Tabernacle years ago and loved it. I knew I wanted to study it with my kids. This and the study on Covenant (also Precepts) were two of our favorite studies. There is a Discover 4 Yourself Precepts study on Covenant but I don't see one for Leviticus or the Tabernacle.


Enjoy digging for the treasure!


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