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Urgent help needed with Outlook Express


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I work from home this morning and our IT guy doesn't get in the office until noon or after so I can't ask him.


I NEED to send some emails this morning.


Last night, while typing an email, I accidentally did something with, I think the touch pad, and suddenly the letters were so small that they were just tiny dots on the screen. Dh looked at it and discovered somehow that I'd made the "paper" really big and it was on landscape, but he couldn't find how to fix it.


Does anyone know how to undo this? I can't even do draft emails because the writing is so tiny I can't see what I'm typing!


:cursing: I do not understand why these programs are written such that a slight physical bump can result in such a major change with no clear way to undo it. :banghead:


If anyone can help me out, I 'd be very, very appreciative!

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I just went online and found a number for support for Outlook Express. I called and one has to have a support contract with them for him to tell me how to fix it. I asked if this was Outlook Express or a separate company and he said it was Outlook Express.


Perhaps that answers the question of why a tiny move can cause a huge change and one can't figure out how to switch it back. :cursing:

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Try googling, with your Google search limited to results from Microsoft.com like this:

"site:microsoft.com outlook express your problem"


Omit the quote marks and subtitute some brief things, 2 or 3 words, for "your problem"


HTH and GL!



You should contemplate moving to Mozilla Thunderbird or another email client. You are correct that Microsoft will not provide phone support, unless you pay $$$. Microsoft Software is usually bad, for Security and Stability reasons.

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