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long term l-tryptophan use?

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has anyone else had a child use l-tryptophan long term? Its been such a life-saver for us, but my mom suggested it was the l-tryptophan making my son slow, and now I'm concerned maybe she is right? It could also have been the rages just prior to that? But he wasn't like this when he was really young. Things changed about the time frame we tried public school, tried pharmaceuticals, tried diet changes, then the l-tryptophan....I really don't know where things went wrong...but she could be right! I also just read in trying to research it that it can reduce appetite....my son is extremely thin. I don't want to try having him go off of it, though....because it would make him impossible to live with. He's been on it around 6 years. I'm wondering if anyone else has had there child on this long term, and if they observed any undesired changes.

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