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(cross post ) Online Latin VP vs MP?

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I'm considering enrolling dd12 in an online Latin course for next year. I am looking at VP Scholars Latin Transition (she has no Latin and this uses Latin Alive, a little more gentle than their Latin I). It is two sessions a week and the price reflects that.


Memoria Press offers Latin I using First Form and is one day a week, which makes it easier to work into our schedule (I'm hoping to enroll her in a TOG class as well through LLC).


If anyone has any experience or opinions on either class, that would help. Thanks!




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My 12 yo sons are enrolled in VP's online Secondary Latin I this year. It's going well, and we'll continue with VP's online Latin II next year. I opted for VP over Memoria because 1) I'm more familiar with the Wheelock's that VP uses. 2) Wheelock's has been around for a long time and been used successfully at the high school and college levels, so it must be solid. 3) I know exactly what the path would be with Wheelock's.... Latin I (Wheelock's first half), Latin II (Wheelock's second half), Latin Readings (Classical/Christian), AP Latin.


My boys did LfC A-C before Wheelock's, so they had some foundation in Latin and the transition has been very smooth. (VP recommends Latin Alive for older students with no Latin background. Since your dd is doing LA this year, she should be able to transition into Wheelock's, too. Studying in a class 2x/week will also help.)


You might want to ask MP where your dd would start MP's Form sequence given that she's done Latin Alive. She has to be past First Form. And you might want to ask what the sequence would be toward AP Latin. I don't know if my sons will go that far, but I want them to be on a track that leads there in case they do.


Another consideration in choosing between Wheelock's/MP's Form sequence might be how heavy your dd's load is going to be next year. Wheelock's will require some significant time and effort and persistance. If your dd's academic load is already heavy, it might make sense to scale back and MP's Forms or to VP's Latin Alive II or Latin Transition class.

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We have no experience with First Form or the Latin Transition I, but my 12 yo is currently in VPSA's Latin I. My ds used LfC A-C and Latin Alive I.


As a parent, I am loving the VPSA classes. They are teaching far beyond my level of teaching and pulling things out of Ds that I didn't know (but hoped!) were there. I appreciate the format (Wimba classrooms) especially after seeing how other online classes operated. I have found that the teachers communicate expectations/assignments/grades clearly.


Ds is learning so much in his Latin class and he really enjoys it. I have already signed him up for Latin II next year.

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My 10 year old is currently taking MP's online First Form Latin, and we have been very pleased. The class meets once a week for 1 hr 15 min, and the kids have Latin homework to complete each day (the parent has to check the homework - it is done in the workbook). At the end of each week, the student takes an online quiz and MP grades the student based on these quizzes.


The instructor has been very quick to respond to any emails, and it isn't a problem if the child has to miss a class. He can sit in on another class that week, or he can watch a recording of his class period. We've never watch the recording - I like him to be in a "classroom" as the instructor always calls on each student at least once during each class, sometimes more. It keeps him paying attention. The kids wear headsets so that they can talk when called on. The typing was minimal this year.


Without doubt, we will enroll in Second Form Latin online for 2013-14. I do use Prima Latina with my kids when they are in 2nd or 3rd, but it is not necessary to have prior Latin before doing FFL.

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