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Cooking on one of those funny glass-topped stoves--help me

Harriet Vane

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Glass top ( black with white flecks) stove for 6 years now. Love it!  I did scratch it a couple of places.  Who knows how.  I don't baby it.  No one can tell unless they are cleaing it for me and that rarely happens.

I use the liquid Bar Keepers friend.  ( HOme Depot and Lowes carry it in a large container) 

I put it on and let sit for 15 - 20 mins.  Dish rag, warm water and sometimes a Mr. clean sponge.  I have not used a razor blade, but occasionally a knife.


After 15 years of cleaning a gas stove, I love this thing. 

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My grandma had one of the early glass top stoves.  It was a pia to clean and use very different from the one I have today.   Grandma was very anxious about anyone using it. She would never let anyone cook unsupervised. :lol:  I think the earlier ones were a bit more delicate than the current models and a lot more expensive.  The users manual was enough to convince me I never wanted one.  I was more than a little disappointed to discover this house had one.  :glare:

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