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Talk to me about writing... specifically WWE and WWS


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I am having that anxious feeling about writing... ugh... What is am wanting to know is if I stick WWE out and then move on to WWS, will that be enough? I used IEW with my older children way back when, and then used Shurley Grammar/writing. I liked both of those, so it "feels" like my youngers are not getting any writing done. Maybe it is because they are not producing origional writing? I don't know. I do have them narrate history, bible, read alouds, what they are reading ect.. but have not required them to write many of them yet. I do love the simplicity of WWE though. I guess I just need encouragement to not add to WWE and stick it out. I would love to hear from those who have used WWE then moved on to WWS:)

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I agree that it is hard to see where you are going with WWE. It feels so . . . simple. Yet it really is teaching them profound skills, just in a simple way. Have you read The Complete Writer? The book that goes with WWE and explains the philosophy of the 4 years. I think that helps you see the goal. Also listening to SWB's writing lectures - I like to listen to the level I'm at, and the next level up, which helps me see where I'm going.


I think there is a big jump between WWE and WWS. WWS is much more intense, much more explicit instruction, and it will get your kid writing multi-paragraph reports and essays - fast. You will think, "Oh, I see . . . " when you see them using the narration and summarizing skills they have developed in order to construct more sophisticated papers.


So, I don't think you need to add to WWE necessarily. But, if your kid gets *done* with WWE (i.e. is very solid on narration and dictation skills) but you don't think they are quite ready for WWS, that is a great time to do something different. I've read a lot of people using IEW between the two programs. Personally, I'm planning to have my little dd go through MCT's Paragraph Town between WWE and WWS.


There is a gap between WWE & WWS which is, I think, a flaw - it is that you don't ever really get explicit explanation about *how* to write *paragraphs*. In WWE, you are just writing single paragraph summaries, then in the first week of WWS, she defines topic sentences and paragraphs, and then suddenly you are supposed to be able to use them, without any explicit practice. I do think this is a bug in the transition between the two programs, and if people are aware of that, they can plan to address it before or as a student is starting WWS.

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