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Erica in OR

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Last week went well (the recipes and cookbooks). I rearranged the cookbook bookcase (a tall skinny Ikea wood one) so that the cookbooks used most often are more handy. I fit it my dad's favorite bread books (parents are deceased---cookbooks had been living in the garage). We tried four new recipes. All recipes pulled from Cooking Light are in plastic sleeves in a binder, waiting to be tried. I also started using Evernote Food to keep track of online recipes we like.


This week will be super-easy! We use reusable bags for almost all shopping. I keep the bags on a hook right inside the garage door, so that we grab what we need when leaving the house. Dh doesn't always remember but he's getting better :)


Our small city uses single-stream recycling and provides a large wheeled cart for each household. The bin is also right inside our garage door with the lid held open w a bungee cord. All we have to do is open the family room-to-garage door and toss the recycling into the bin :D The kids know to take care of recycling right away----no need for "satellite" recycling centers here!


The compost collector resides under the kitchen sink :)

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Week 6 is "Recycling Center"


Sun, Feb 10: declutter plastic grocery bags and switch to reusable ones: we use reusable bags most places, but I do still get some plastic bags to use as trash collectors in the van, or to line puke buckets with.


Mon, Feb 11: read week #6 recycling center: done!


Tues, Feb 12: clear space for home recycling center: already have one


Wed, Feb 13: create satellite recycling centers throughout house: already have a central one in the house, and the bin in the garage


Thurs, Feb 14: make sure trash cans throughout house: yes....going to wash these this afternoon


Fri, Feb 15: get rid of old valentine cards or clear space for them: we recycle them!


Sat, Feb 16: Clear spot in kitchen for collecting compost: can't do this because of severe mold allergies in ds


This is an easy week for me. Still trying to figure out how to organize my already clipped recipes

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