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Dive Biology lectures for use with Apologia biology??

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We are planning on going through Apologia's Biology and I saw there is a DIVE lecture cd for it. I also saw on the DIVE site that they have a syllabus for it to be used with Apologia but not going through the book in it's intended order.


Here's my questions...

Has anyone used Apologia Biology as the main course and supplemented with the DIVE lecture cd's? How did it work for you? Is it worth the additional cost? Or is the Apologia text and multimedia cdrom good enough?


Thanks! I appreciate your input. :)

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Yes, DIVE can be used with the Apologia text. I think whether it's the best route depends on your goals. DIVE is meant to be the main curriculum (video lectures and labs) and textbooks are secondary, being used like a reference book or spine. That is why DIVE can be used with a variety of texts and also why, at times, the material is covered out of order. We were very happy with DIVE Biology, but we used the Bob Jones text. FYI the DIVE syllabus will require both the regular and advanced bio. apologia books as material is covered from both. DIVE's exams test on material from both the lectures and reading. I love this b/c it's a great skill to learn before college IMO.


If you are happy with Apologia as the primary resource and want to use their tests and labs, I don' t think DIVE would be necessary. I believe there are more Apologia specific video tutorials available. Maybe "red wagon" tutorials that might be better fit in that case.

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