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Help with IEW?


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I have looked a IEW several times and even have a catalog in front of me but still can't figure out where to start and what to get. I buy the Teaching Writing/Student Writing Package? I would use it for my 4th grader (next year 5th) and possibly my 2nd grader (next year 3rd) or when he is ready, probably more 4th grade. So I just need Level A? Or is there a cheaper route?


Is it videos explaining how to write? I watch some (10!) and my kids watch some? There seems to be a lot of add-on choices. Do you add on? What would you recommend?


Also, how time consuming? Should I do it 3x a week or 2x week, etc?


Where does the theme-based lessons come in? Do I have to buy that in addition to the TWSID?


If you really want to answer more questions, can you compare to WWE/WWS? What is the big difference?


Lots of questions! Thanks for helping. :)

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To address your main question... IEW's SWI's dvd's are the instructor acctually teaching a group the lessons. So I would assume you could just learn along with the child.


I just got IEW's SWI-A & C. For each SWI level you would need the SWI dvd set and a student materials packet (reproducible). New they are kinda pricey. Make sure to check for used. You may score a complete set for $50-75 instead of $110.


Also, one set I just got used, the student materials were an older set that IEW has now improved upon for the teacher. Now they include lesson plans and have numbered all the pages, and the layout is much more teacher friendly. So make sure if you buy used to see if the materials come with lesson plans and all pages are numbered. Save yourself some headache. :)


You can tackle all those 'ad ons' after you have a good start with a SWI level since you will have been introduced to the concepts.


And if you are going to be working this with a 4th grader consider level A.


Happy Homeschooling!


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You can also look for used copies on ebay and vegsource.com, as well as in the classifieds on this forum. The good thing is, if you do buy them new, you would still be able to sell them after you were done for a fairly good price. I paid around $100 for the Teacher/Student Intensive Course + SWI B for my two children (10,12yo) to use, which was a really good price.

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After being a bit more patient and looking through the website more, I have decided my MAIN question is can I skip the 10-DVD course and just start with the Student Writing Intensive A? Or is the Structure/Style DVD a necessity?



You could buy just the TWSS and put together your own materials. The TWSS DVDs are for you to watch. It teaches you how to teach writing the IEW way. It covers everything - all grades.


I would consider SWI-A the add-on. Your child watches the video (as opposed to you teaching your child). It also has all the materials and documents compiled for you.


I've recently purchased the combo. TWSS gave me what I needed so that I could teach my children. The SWI-A saves my sanity by providing all the writing documents, checklists, etc. My children seem to respond better to my teaching rather than the video. I'm glad I had watched a couple of the TWSS videos. I know it hits the pocketbook. In my case, the money spent has been worth it.


We do a little writing each day. We make a key word outline one day, write a rough draft the next, then edit it the day after. I suppose you could do a longer session 3x a week, but I wouldn't recommend it for the younger kids.

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In addition to the info PP's have given you, there is also the option of buying a new SWI set that now comes with a 2 hour and 20 minute parent DVD called Structure and Style Overview (included for free with a new SWI set or separately for $10 here). After viewing that, you may not feel like you need any more teaching instruction for yourself. Or if you need more, then you can go back and get the full 10 hour TWSS set new or find it used.


Also, look for Andrew Pudewa videos on YouTube - there are lots of them. View some samples so you can see if you and your student will respond well to his style. He has kinda goofy humor sometimes, which my DS really likes but some kids may not.


Finally, one more tidbit I can add is that if you find a set of SWI DVDs on the used market, you can always buy a full, newly updated packet of student pages from IEW. It has all the student handouts and weekly lesson plans for only $10 as a download here, or you can get a printed set that includes the binder for $19. (It can take a little digging on the website to find these goodies.)


IEW comes with lots of options. It seems overwhelming at first, but it is nice to have choices once you get familiar with it!

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