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Another Roku question

Night Elf

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My mom is trying to figure out if she can get close captioning with the new Roku box. Hers is old and she says it's not close captioning available. I know that Netflix has close captioning on many of their shows but my mom says she can't get it because of the Roku box. Is this true?

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Oh, I was curious and found this




Does Netflix on Roku support subtitles or closed captioning?


Roku Support

posted this on October 05, 2012 15:14

Yes. In the Netflix Channel on the Roku 2, if subtitles are available you can enable this feature. This is still dependent on the individual movie or show to have this feature.

To enable subtitles in a Netflix movie or tv show:

Click on a movie or show title

On the play menu screen, you should see an option labeled "audio and subtitles" if it is available

Select "audio and subtitles" and click OK

Use the directional arrows to select "English" under Subtitles and click OK

Click the back button once or the up directional key a few times until you are back at the play menu screen

Click OK on the play or resume options


It does sound as though the Rokus before 2 do not support cc.

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I have heard that the new ones do support it. We have an older one that does not. On the product page it should say whether or not CC is supported.


I just talked to my mom and she's SO technology challenged! I just looked on the main Roku page and found the information about CC with Netflix and Hulu Plus. She was reading something about it on Wikipedia and thinking she was on the main site. Good grief!

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