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Using FLL/WWE and GWG/WWW together


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We've used First Languages Lessons and Writing With Ease along with Growing With Grammar and Winning With Writing for all of level one and now three-quarters of level two. This is at DS's request. I'm looking at my order for next year and trying to decide if I want to continue doing all four programs at the third level. We do GWG/WWW orally 95% of the time, and it takes at most five minutes for both to get done each day. I know grammar is going to ramp up a lot next year in both grammar programs with diagramming. I assume writing will as well. Can anyone who has used both programs, or even one, tell me about the change from second to third level, in difficulty and time required? If I was going to pick one program to stick to, it would be FLL/WWE. I'm just not sure whether I want to continue next year to add in GWG and WWW (or just one of them). Thoughts?

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