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State Study for K


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I just bought the digital version of Elemental History. It's by the same lady as Elemental Science. It is geared for early elementary and goes lightly into American History along with state study. Each week you focus on one or two states. It was $17.99 I believe.



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The one from Confessions of a Homeschooler? I don't remember the name. We are using her world geography, Expedition Earth, and I imagine her state one would be similar. It is easy to use for all elementary ages, just choose which activities you want for K and skip the rest.

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I made my own.



--Learn general location of all fifty states.

--Become familiar with state flowers, flags, and birds.

--Understand the general location of different geographical locations (Southern, Mountain, Pacific, New England, etc)

--Know how to see a city on one map, and find its (unmarked except for a dot) counterpart on a second map

--Learn main attractions and history of each state


For each state:

--Child marks the state (by abbreviation) on a national map (8-1/2 x 11 print-out)


--Determine type of state (New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwest, etc). Colorcode color it in on a second national map.


--Label state on geographical area map. (Child identifies which map state should go on: New England states, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, etc).


--On a map of the specific state, child identifies the capital, biggest cities, and geological locations (mountains, rivers, etc). Neighboring states are labeled by abbreviation.


--Check out an age appropriate "state book" from the library. We are going through Our Amazing States. We're up to Ohio. Or just get an "all in one" book. Read the appropriate state information.


--For each state, child colors the state flag, bird, and flower with accurate colors. (We discuss the color plan before she starts to color). Child writes the name of state flower and bird on each appropriate sheet. Coloring occurs during above reading. [Child writes the first 5-6 letters, and Mom writes the rest for each page).


--Create a sheet for main fact about the state. We record state bird, state flower, and have a space for state [other]. We write down the capital, and 3 interesting things we learned from the book. We glue on a state seal (I have a PowerPoint file if you need it) and affix a state flag sticker (purchased from Rainbow Resource).


--We put together a states puzzle.


--We do an "app" on the Nook that quizzes us for states, flags, birds, and flowers.


--After every 5 states, we take a lesson and play states games. Great States Junior is the favorite, but not the only one we have in the house.


Warning: there are hidden costs in the amount of printing for this plan.

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