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Which book of French dictées for younger students?

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Hi Cleo, I was hoping you'd be around! I see the BLED only goes down to CE2. Is that because CE1 doesn't do dictées yet? I have the BLED G/O/C book and the corresponding reading selections book for CE1... do you think that is enough for French LA for CE1?


I was planning to start English dictations this fall, and that suddenly got me worried that I should start in French as well. But if common practice is to wait until CE2, then I'll just go through the BLED CE1 books I already have and get the BLED dictées CE2 for the following year...



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It's been a while since we did CE1, but there should be dictation at that level too. Even in CP although at that level it's only "dictée de mots" and not sentences.

In CE1, it's only one or two easy sentences.


I had another book, but I can't find it right now. It's called 450 Dictées CE, but I can't find the editor. If I find the book, I'll let you know.


ETA: found a reference online:


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