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Saxon accredited testing????

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I'm asking the following for a friend.


Her son is applying to the local paramedic school and he just turned 18. If he can show that he has completed high school math with at least an 85% he gets an extra point towards his application to be considered. He has already written his CLEP college Math course. But they won't look at that because they want to know what he did in high school not college.


Welcome to the craziness of Ontario.


Is there a place that he could take online a high school exam to prove that he has completed high school math?

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He could try ALEKS. I think they have a free trial, and they give you a placement test of sorts for whichever math lessons you choose. He can take SAT Mastery or Algebra 2, or even a GED Math, and do the initial test. It will give him a pie-chart of what he does and doesn't know. If his chart is 85-90% full, I woukd think that would satsify them. ALEKS is used at many colleges for this type of testing, so it is generally accepted.


Good luck to him!

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Could she write up a transcript for him showing that he received an 85 or higher in high school math?


Are the SAT II, subject tests given in Ontario? He could take the SAT II Math Level 1 test, but it's graded out of 800 and the grading curve is steep. Most of the students who take that exam are very good in math, so it takes a high test score to place in the top 15%.


Another thought is he could sign up for just a math course with an accredited online or distance learning school and just take the tests to get the grade from them. Seton allows signing up for a single subject and they use Saxon for math. He can take the tests online.

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