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How do you grade Saxon Algebra 1?

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Silly question time! (I'm new to high school. :) )


I am wondering how you grade Saxon Algebra 1? Are the problems worth 1,2 points? What do you do? How do you figure the worth of a problem? I am thinking of problems with multiple steps where a small mistake in one part can throw of your whole answer even though the rest is correct. And some are pretty long answers too! Leaves more room for a little mistake. Such as with variables, exponents.


Thanks for your time. I appreciate it. :)

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My son is doing Saxon Algebra 1/2, so perhaps my response is not relevant. I don't grade daily work, only tests. Each test has 20 problems, so I just count off 5 per problem, although I'm not sure that's the best way. On the tests, I pretty much don't give any credit if the answer is wrong, even if it's been partially worked correctly. However, I don't take off the full value if my son forgets to add the cm2 or cm3, for example -- I usually take off 1 point for that, if the answer is correct except for that notation. If a problem has several answers, I'll count off proportionately for whatever answer is wrong, giving credit for those that are right. Sometimes I wonder if I should take the total number of answers required, and use that as my basis for grading. For example, if there are 25 answers in all, even if there are only 20 problems, perhaps I should take off only 4 points for each problem missed. Sometimes when one problem requires several answers, each answer is just as much work as some of the single problems. So this is something I'm wondering about -- what do others do?

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I have Saxon set up for 70% of the grade to come from tests and 30% from the daily work.


On tests, I grade at one point for each problem. If the problem has multiple parts, then I will give .5 or .25 or whatever is appropriate. I do not give any credit if there are no labels on answers that require them. I grade the daily work the same way so they are used to it by the time they get to a test.


On daily work, he gets a grade for the lesson and then corrects the missed problems. I give half credit back for the corrections so that if he has trouble with new concepts it doesn't completely blow his grade but the grade does keep him accountable to do his best everyday.

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