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Camp Euclid Experience?

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Does anyone have any experience with Camp Euclid?

It's an online math camp for kids.

They use cameras for the class time so I want to double

check with you guys if it's something people are comfortable

with, and want to see what kind of experiences your students

have had.

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My son loved it last summer. Yes, they use cameras and I believe they were always supervised by the assigned mentor during class time. Is there anything specific you'd like to know?


I'll try to list what I can remember.

1. I think they interview all the kids online first to see if it's a good fit...I'm not sure if they actually turn anyone away. Mine was on the younger end so we were contacted after we applied to have that interview.

2. They let you know if they think your kiddo will be a good fit.

3. They emailed us prior to the first class to find out the best time to meet. We had to provide preferences, and more than two options just in case the first and second time slots didn't work out. I believe that by this time they had already decided which kids will be grouped together. There were 5 kids in my son's group.

4. They meet 2x a week online. One session was 2 hours long, the other one hour long. The last week, they met 3x. I'm not sure if it's the same for every group.

5. The first class, they discussed which problems each member wants to solve. Then they discuss the problems, strategies etc at each class meeting. Not every group member chose the same problem and that was okay. Students can change their choice anytime too. The whole idea was to have fun trying to approach and discuss the unsolved problems. I don't think my son's group actually solved anything but my son grew a lot from trying and from the extra time he spent researching the problems he liked.

6. One member volunteers to write a meeting summary on the group's blog every week. They take turns. There was also a wiki for each group.

7. They gradually transitioned students to writing wiki posts. Initially there was a blog students could contribute to but eventually, they changed it to a wiki format.


I'm not sure what it's like this year but last year we didn't have to pay the full tuition amount.

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