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Suggestion for boys deoderant, please!

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my guys (and gal) like Axe. ds2 uses a deodorant solid, Axe dry,and then a body spray - touches up with the fragrance they like, dd carries the spray in her purse for touch ups. Better to buy with a coupon or on sale.


there is something about 11 yo boys though! Poor things, they just have BO. It is an awkward hygiene time for them.

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My two boys (11 & 13) like Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant Body Spray. I can't speak to the health/safety of its ingredients, though. What I can say is that they get a kick out of spraying it on, then coming to give me a big hug because they know it's too strong a smell for me! Oh, well--at least I got the hug!



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