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what should every low carber have in their baking cabinet?


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Been looking at a lot of low carb dessert recipes. Many call for so many different kinds of flours and artificial sweetners. I don't want to buy all this stuff to use only once. I like to make cookies, brownies, muffins, and cakes(chocolate mainly). Some of ingredients I have never even heard of or know where to purchase them. I may have to go online. Do you have a favorite online store you use to purchase flours, sweetners...etc? And what is better for you. Al the recipes call for Splenda. I have Stevia. What do you use?

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It is overwhelming at first. I've totally BTDT!


These are my essentials:

Coconut and almond flour (I strongly prefer Honeyville blanched for almond flour)

Erythritol (I buy from Global Sweet because I prefer a non GMO product)

NuNaturals stevia

Jarrow unflavored protein powder (I also like Jay Robb which is stevia sweetened but expensive, and in some recipes you want a non sweetened PP)


After that I'd add:

Xanthan gum (kind of expensive but a pretty good LC thickener. I like to add a bit to shakes and smoothies. I make Starbucks Via blended with ice and a scoop of protein powder, a little powdered erythritol or stevia, and ice. I add in the xanthan gum and it makes it really emulsified.). XG feels really slimy and awful if you get it on your hands and get them wet. Less is also more in most recipes. You really only need a little bit. Some LC bakers use it to improve texture in certain baked goods.

Unsweetened cocoa powder (copying off PP!)

unsweetend almond milk

coconut oil


Those take care of almost all of my needs.


For sweetening, it takes some time to learn how it works. Erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sugar. It has a bit of a mentholy quality to it and can have that "cooling" effect. Its sweetness is enhanced by a little stevia. Those two play well together. I never use Splenda as I prefer erythritol and stevia. There are some online resources that kind of explain how to sub erythritol and stevia for Splenda. Stevia doesn't provide bulk, so in a lot of recipes you need something to give it bulk, which is also where erythritol comes in handy. Sometimes erythritol gets crunchy in certain recipes, which can be a pain. I powder it for anything that won't be baked in the oven (I powder it for icing for example). If a recipe calls for a cup of splenda, I personally sub about a cup (or a little bit more) of erythritol and then a touch of NuNaturals stevia. THe alldayIdreamaboutfood website is the most helpful one for me when it comes to baking. She's a pastry chef, so she knows what she's doing. She uses most of the ingredients I mentioned above.


Amazon carries Honeyville almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, etc. Netrition carries a lot of that too (I don't think they carry Honeyville though.

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