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wonderful site for free virtual labs for high school sciences

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I am making extensive use of this site for the labs we're doing this semester in my co-op Physics course:




For example, we are beginning to study electrical circuits. While I will have a hands-on lab with some real electrical components. we will use the circuit construction kit for most of our lab time. Students will be able to complete labs at home because they won't need any special equipment. At other times, running a simulation will allow the student to see a concept in action rather than just read about it.


I have linked to the Physics page, but they also have some Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Math simulations as well. The Balancing Chemical Equations app has several levels, and takes the student from the concrete (with a virtual balance) to the abstract. As with several other simulations, it has a game mode as well.


There is a lot to be learned simply by playing with many of the simulations. Performing "what if?" scenarios is fun and safe. In addition, experienced teachers have posted formal lab instructions to go with many of them. Paul Hewitt (the original Conceptual Physics guru) has even posted a few.


I hope someone else finds this useful.

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