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Is FLL enough?


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Hi everyone


We are starting to hs this year and I am looking to the experts to find out whether FLL is enough to cover necessary handwriting and spelling. We are going to use a combo of Konos and SL with FLL for language arts. We will also be using the scholastic phonics program that also has workbooks and readers (we bought this before we became informed about hs). If I follow Bauer's notebook method were children are asked to write about pretty much any subject, I think I am covered.


Is a spelling and handwriting program necessary?




Thank you


Carol D

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If you are doing FLL 1/2 and you have never covered basic handwriting then I would say you needed a handwriting program. At some point children need to be taught correct letter formation. If that's already been covered and the child is properly forming letters then copywork should be enough to strengthen skills. I don't think what's covered in FLL 1/2 would be enough for my ds though.


FLL doesn't cover spelling at all - only grammar and memory work and some copywork. Again depending on the age of your dc you may or may not want spelling. We waited until finishing the entire Explode the Code (ETC) series before starting formal spelling in the middle of first grade. If your child has phonics firmly cemented then move right into spelling. SWB recommends a few programs - Spelling Work Out being a popular one. SWO is very user friendly and simple. It wasn't a great fit for us b/c I have a natural speller so we will be using Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason.


Hope that helps. If you need anything else, feel free to PM me!

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Well, the answer is "No, FLL doesn't cover those things" but also, "Yes, you may have those things covered well enough in your plans"...


FLL covers basic grammar. It includes a very little copywork and no spelling at all. So you won't be getting handwriting or spelling from FLL. *But* if your child can already write competently and you're doing all the writing described in WTM and demanding good handwriting when your child does all that, then you may well not need a separate handwriting program. As for spelling, if you're doing a good phonics program, you should be covering the foundations of spelling anyway -- and as your child grows confident in reading, you'll gradually make the transition from phonics (decoding) to spelling (encoding).

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