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So is it okay to not use the HIG for SM?

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After reading the posts about the necessity of the HIG to teach SM, I am second guessing myself. We have been through 2a and 2b and are currently on 3a. I have the HIG for 2a, but I didn't think I really needed it because the material seemed easy. My ds has learned almost all his math facts through flash cards. Fractions are the only area that is still a challange. My concern is what the posters were saying about needing the HIG to teach the singapore way. Did I miss something? Does the TB not teach it that way???



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We didn't use it for 1A/B and now I totally regret it. There is a LOT of conceptual work and reinforcement in the HIG that is not given in the text


Yes, most of the teaching is in the HIG. You can "do" the TB and WB without it, no doubt. But, no, it is not the same program at all without the lessons in the HIG, lessons that show you how to present topics as a teacher trained in SM would do. Lots of people will tell you how they never bought it and don't think it is necessary, but the thing is that you don't know what you don't know. People frequently ask about math facts...addressed in the HIG. People whose kids have trouble with the concept of making tens with ease...taught/reviewed over and over in the HIG. You name it, the HIG covers it.


My take on it is this; maybe you will sail along just fine without it, but if you hit a stumbling block, I can virtually guarantee that whatever you stumbled over was explicitly taught in the HIG.

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It's vital. The textbook is not designed to be complete. If you don't use the HIG, you are missing important concepts. IMO, you are not teaching the Singapore math methods if you don't use the HIG (unless you have been trained in the methods).



This is exactly what I was going to say. Really, I've read all the Singapore Math books I could get my hands on, and I still find the HIG helpful.


ETA: I have found I use them less and less around the 4A/B level, but I still buy them and read them to make sure I'm covering everything properly. Occasionally I still teach directly from the HIG.

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