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Science resources from big publishers

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What instructor materials have you been able to access from the big publishers (Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill, Addison-Wesley, etc.) that accompany intro level college science texts (chemistry and physics)? Could anyone give a rundown of what can be purchased by a homeschool teacher? I'm interested in materials that have quality virtual labs, tutorials - either power point type or video lessons, plenty of worked problems, a thoroughly worked answer key, tests, and a great quality textbook. Also, have you found that there are sufficient resource links to enhance and reinforce material lbeing studied?

How difficult is it to aquire these materials (as a homeschool parent) and is customer support reasonable?

Have you had success teaching college prep science using these materials?


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I've found that the instructor materials for college level texts are much less helpful than they are for high school texts. I think this is because publishers assume that college instructors are experts in their fields and don't need all the scaffolding. Sometimes you can get high school versions of college texts that come with high school style teacher's manuals. Also, the prevailing format of college level instructor materials seems to be online, so my back door approach to obtaining TMs by finding them on the used market is closed.


On the positive side, you can usually find student solutions manuals for college level texts that come with half of the problems worked out (evens or odds). So, for example, this quarter, my son is using one of the Zumdahl chemistry books and we just bought the student solution manual rather than trying to obtain the instructor materials.

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